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Chelsey Ast & Carmen Kosior

Bark Design Studio - Panelists

Chelsey and Carmen are brand experts, marketing genius’ & graphic designers all in one.  Chelsey started her graphic design career in Calgary and moved her business to Regina in 2012 where she was so lucky to meet what she deems as her ‘clone’ Carmen. These girls have a very diverse client list ranging from small start up businesses in SK to global clothing designers. They have worked with hundreds of clients; and many of these clients have been with Chelsey in her business for 10+ years which is a testament to the way she operates her business. Loyalty, customer relations and a keen eye for design are very important to these girls, resulting in an impressive portfolio including this years SHINE branding!


Clients of bark* design studio claim that Chelsey and Carmen have the ability to ‘read minds’. “They can take the idea right out of your head and make it a reality through digital marketing”. They pride themselves in learning about their clients, really understanding the business  and determining what their ideal client will be attracted to. They strive for agency level design with an intimate experience for their clients. Professional graphic design and unique brand solutions that help you to stand out in a crowd. 


Bark* design studio celebrated its 10th birthday this past March and these girls are looking forward to the next decade in this ever changing world of art & design. They fully believe that challenges in your journey are what bring the most strength and that community and collaboration are the key to success!

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