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Jodi & Carolyne 


Growing up on their family farm in High River, Alberta, Carolyne and Jodi were able to learn from the best. Their grandmothers, aunts and mother were amazing bakers. They not only taught them how to bake, but passed along their values of quality, honesty and integrity down to both of them.


It was Carolyne that happened upon what is now the Kensington location in Calgary, Alberta while she was on a bike ride through the community. With their grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe and mother’s secret to irresistible buttercream icing by their side, they opened their first bakery in 2004.


Through early mornings, as well as trial and error in Carolyne’s kitchen, the original cupcake menu was developed. They started each morning before sunrise baking as many cupcakes as possible and by the afternoon, they would work in the front of the store helping customers.


From the very beginning, Crave produces quality baking that’s as scrumptious and special as the people who share it.

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