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Kim Deschamps

Kim Deschamps Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness Headshot.jpg

Kim Deschamps is the Founder & Owner of Holistic Physiotherapy & Wellness located in Saskatoon, She is a Physiotherapist, Pelvic Health Therapist and Professional Yoga Therapist and is passionate about empowering women to reconnect and feel the strength of their feminine power.


She is drawn to educating people about their pain and supporting them as they explore and recover from their pain experience. She strives to experience life enhancing moments with her patients. Those experiences are what keeps her learning & growing as a clinician and a business owner.


Community and collaboration is important to her and she is motivated to build connection and community within healthcare and has created education on cycle syncing for female entrepreneurs and professionals on to help them set up their work and life within the flow of their menstrual cycle and hormones to level up their productivity and increase their income with ease!

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