Merin Coutts

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What if you knew your best before date?  Would you live differently?  Merin is all about embracing our inner confidence.  Knowing the things that give you that “Hell Ya!” response and bringing clarity to decision making at work AND at home.

Merin Coutts’ career path came with a steep incline at a young age.  She is no stranger to male dominated fields, leadership, and the challenges of reverse ageism.  Merin tapped into the power of confidence, aligned with a strong sense of personal values and vision early in her career.  She shares her passion for inspiring clarity so women can LIVE and LEAD with confidence. 

As a Certified Value Builder, Merin focuses on strategic planning with leadership accountability coaching.  It can be lonely (and exhausting) as an entrepreneur.  Her process simplifies decision making so you can be confident that you are putting your time, energy, and money into the right things; the things that will build enduring value as you grow your business.

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