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Our Vision

Our vision for the SHINE SUMMIT arose initially from an agreed upon need for a curated, focused and powerful event unlike anything our part of the country has experienced. With mutual respect and admiration for each other's events & businesses we knew together we are stronger and felt the fire to bring something so great we could help bring change to our entrepreneur community. Together we would create an event that would bring together like-minded, powerful women and evoke powerful positive change in their business, leadership and life. An event so beautifully curated women would help document it and speak of it for year's to come. An event with so much energy and engagement women would go away fueled to make changes in their business and life they never thought possible. This is our vision. We want you to be a part of it!

Kimberly Evans


Celebrating Simple Life    


Podcast Host

Celebrating Simple Life the Podcast

Michelle Strawford

Founder & Owner            

What Women Want



Bella Chic Fashion Decor


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