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As we move through the day you will learn:

  • How to create more income and impact in your business in 90 days or less.

  • How to shine on social media so that you attract clients, stand out in your industry as the expert, and increase your audience of engaged and ideal clients.

  • How to step into financial empowerment in your business and life so that you can get out of feast and famine and enjoy the fruits of your labor to the fullest extent, know what to invest, what to save, and how to manage cash flow.

You will also have access to shine-worthy bonuses such as:

  • Constant insta-worthy photo opportunities

  • A professional head-shot that can be used on your social media, websites, or any online presence.

  • Access to our private Facebook community for ongoing connection, support and collaboration.   

Seats will be limited and they will go fast.  Don’t miss out!  

Your exclusive experience at shine will include:

Transformational environment and location.

We are hanging out at this incredible and breathtaking space that will put you in an environment of inspiration, light, and feeling of connectedness with yourself, your mission, and a community of like minded women.  

Training and Development.
A full day of talks and trainings that will help you gain clarity around what you really have to offer, the confidence to market and sell yourself, and the action plan to implement.

High level coaching and support

Receive coaching from our guiding lights that will help you step into your brilliance and serve your clients and community.  

Event tickets include:


  • Upon registration, our catering partners at Barn at Winds Edge are ready to kick-start your day with a selection of light-fare gourmet breakfast items paired with incredible java and juices. Expect an incredible lunch with of course your a vegetarian entree should you wish.

  • Energy will be high throughout the day with savory treats and tasty surprises throughout the day.

  • Experience the Interactive Room - Insta-worthy photo opportunities, interactive stations to fuel your entrepreneur journey and life's connections.

  • A professional head-shot ready for your social media, websites, or any online presence.

  • Did we mention Happy Hour?! This the perfect wrap-up for the general portion of the day. This is your time to connect with guests, panelists and of course, Sarah Herron. Tickets will be available for cocktails.

  • Stay tuned for SWAG items!




VIP Event tickets include (all of the above plus):

  • This evening will bring the day together with a final focus on you and your business. Join a table of just 39 of your peers in an intimate, sit-down dinner with Sarah Herron and the event panelists.

  • The focus is now on you and your business. This dinner will encompass powerful, directed conversion to focus in on your business and life goals after the event.

  • Complimentary cocktail.



Just imagine the transformation that is possible for you.  Imagine what could be different if you stopped dimming your light and stepped into all that you are.  Imagine the impact you could have. You are a guiding a light. Let’s shine.

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